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It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Our photovoltaic installation

In 2021 we installed a solar power system consisting of 24 x 370 Wp = 8,880 kWp and an Fronius Symo series power inverter with 7 kWp. Thanks to the optimal location and near optimal roof angle of the house - 160° south and 45° respectively - the installation is able to produce almost 60 kWh on sunny days.


Since its commissioning on 8 July 2021, the installation has produced a total of 15,22 MWh as of 1 March 2023. Our household consumption was 7,71 MWh, our car needed 4,12 MWh and our reserve in the grid is 2,59 MWh.

The following diagram visualises production, consumption and - see below - the reserve built up in the grid.

Overview Overview

Here in Wallonia we have what is called the prosumer (producing consumer) tariff. By paying an annual fee (roughly kWp of the inverter / 10, so in our case about €700 p.a.), we can use the grid as an energy storage, i.e. our old electromechanical electricity meter rolls back. Energy generated in the summer can thus be taken from the grid in the winter. The following diagram shows the monthly changes of our electricity meter reading.


Here is an overview of all charging sessions in the last six months.

Charging sessions

A monthly overview of production and consumption can be found on the statistics page.